Roger Hileman

Roger Hileman divides his time between his two passions, writing and music. But with either, telling a story is the key. Roger prefers weaving tales with engrossing and inspiring landscapes. In Hammon Falls and A Killing Snow, novels coauthored with Dave Hoing, music plays a large role. Not only do singers, pianists, and fiddle players make repeated appearances, the authors weave musicality into the tale itself, employing lyrical dialogue and a well-cadenced story.


By day, Roger writes for a testing company’s research department, and in his spare time, he gigs around Iowa with jazz bands and other groups. He began his writing career as a playwright and screenwriter, but Dave eventually turned him to prose. Roger also enjoys history, especially the family kind, so his ancestors frequently become fodder for his fiction.


In his nonfiction world, Roger lives with his wife lu in Iowa City, near most of their three daughters and four grandchildren. Roger claims to have no pets, but he plays a bass trombone he named Eddie.