Marc Nieson

SchoolhouseSCHOOLHOUSE: Lessons on Love & Landscape concerns the search for where identity and place and heart intersect. The memoir opens with its Brooklyn-born narrator standing on his head outside an old one-room schoolhouse amid 500 acres of remote woodlands in Iowa, his new home. Why this Walden-like retreat? Is it to attend the renowned Iowa Writers’ Workshop, or is he actually on the lam from love? Structured like a schoolbook, each chapter is named after a school subject (i.e. Geography, History, Social Studies, What I Did On My Summer Vacation), which collectively forms an overall lesson plan for his coming back out of the woods. For the Heartland, it seems, won’t allow him to hide out forever. SCHOOLHOUSE, a study in nature and human nature.

Marc Nieson’s background includes children’s theatre, cattle chores, and a season with a one-ring circus. He’s also a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and NYU Film School, and currently serves on the MFA faculty of Chatham University, where he’s fiction editor of The Fourth River.  His writings span fiction, creative nonfiction, and screenwriting. His prose has earned two Pushcart Prize nominations, the Literal Latte Fiction Award, and a Raymond Carver Short Story Award.