Luis Bravo

Luis Bravo has published many works of poetry in book form and as multimedia, most recently Lichen (2014). Bravo, a 2012 International Writing Program participant, is a poet and performer, essayist, literary investigator, and professor. Highlights of his recent works include: Árbol Veloz, a book and CD ROM of Uruguayan poetry with the participation of 20 artists, Liquen and its multiphonic recital Tamudando together with Berta Pereira, Ale Tuana, Pollo Píriz (music), and Dana Pássaro (dance): “Acción/Huellas” (audio and text), “Croa” recorded live in theater, Lluvia, a collection organized by Mercedes Roffé; and Areñal: ene topos bilingüese & other sounds recorded with John Bennett. Bravo’s poems have been translated for anthologies and international journals in Portuguese, German, Estonian, French, Swedish, English, and Farsi.