Aleksandar Hemon and Velibor Božović

The Lazarus Project

Aleksandar Hemon and Velibor Bozovic discuss their collaboration on Hemon’s award-winning novel, The Lazarus Project. Hemon’s novel deals with the real-life death of Lazarus Averbuch, a young Jewish immigrant shot by the Chicago chief of police George Shippy in 1908. Almost 100 years later a writer and a photographer go back to where Lazarus came from, attempting to understand the places he left behind. Hear about their journeys, the photographs, the story and how it all came together for this National Book Award finalist novel.


Lazarus ProjectVelibor Božović grew up in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 1999, he moved to Montréal where, for eight years, he worked as an engineer in aerospace industry until he chose to devote his time fully to image creation. He collaborated with Aleksandar Hemon on The Lazarus Project.