Prompted: A Parade of Creative Writing Activities with the Iowa Youth Writing Project

IYWP.jpgPicture this: you’ve just sat down at your freshly-cleaned writing desk with a blank sheet of paper, your favorite pen, a mug of hot tea, and a free afternoon. No one will bother you. Even your annoying little sister knows not to barge in. But just as you un-cap your pen to release all the beauty and wisdom of your innermost thoughts, it happens: you blank out. What to write about? You had so many ideas just yesterday! At Prompted, we’ll discuss–and try!–a host of writing prompts to get you through your next block, or even just a regular writing day. We’ve got a wide variety of prompts to choose from–ridiculous, dreamy, fantastical, weird, serious, edgy, and more. And of course there will be time for sharing. So come on down; inspiration awaits!

Saturday, Oct. 8, 11:00 a.m. at the Weatherdance Fountain Stage outside of the Sheraton Iowa City Hotel

Free. Materials provided. Ages 9-14 only. Space is limited.

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