Coffee with Dan

Coffee with Dan features conversations intended to foster a more thoughtful community, one characterized both by care and by contemplation. Led by Dan Boscaljon, this Coffee with Dan panel features four guests: Jeff Charis-Carlson (former Press-Citizen/Register reporter), Lyz Lenz (freelance writer/editor), Stacey Walker (Linn County Supervisor), and Kurt Friese (Johnson County Supervisor). They will speak to the themes generated by four of the authors at this year’s Book Festival: Ari BermanSilvia HidalgoDan Kaufman, and Art Cullen. The central question for the panel is: What possibilities for citizen political engagement can take seriously the changes to our current political landscape without resorting to reactionary partisanship? The point is less to arrive at a definitive answer than to understand how literature, business, governance, and community action all contribute to the vision of a just society.

The format: Dan will hold a short conversation with each of the panelists about how business, governance, and literary journalism interweave – and what Iowans can do about it as the November 2018 election looms. He then will facilitate a conversation among the panelists, highlighting how differences can be respectfully maintained. Those who are curious about specific questions are invited to email questions to by 8 p.m. on Oct. 6. Although Dan cannot guarantee each question will be asked, he will work to integrate as many questions as possible into the conversation.